Shanghai Watergate Terminal

reinforced Shanghai Watergate Terminal with carbon fiber and anchoring adhesive

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In the use of the Water gate,occur some problems:the original structure of the carrying capacity is less than the current use of demand; part of the concrete structure cracked and dew and other phenomena. If development will affect the safe ,need for structural reinforcement.

Dock as an important transport hub, the economic and political life of mankind has a significant impact, therefore, the dock reinforcement work is of great significance. The key to the renovation of the water gate is to ensure that the dock structure reinforcement,without leaving hidden, to meet the normal operation of the terminal and later use. Reinforcement method not only to consider its bearing capacity and other structural strength to meet the requirements, but also to consider its durability, tidal wet and humid changes in the environment.

Based on the analysis of the original structural system of Watergate Terminal, combined with the natural conditions such as water level, water flow and geology, the relevant parties have formulated scientific and reasonable reinforcement scheme to adopt carbon fiber reinforcement and anchoring reinforcement. New crack width greater than or equal to 0.2mm using carbon fiber repair method, less than 0.2mm using epoxy grouting method.

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Reinforcement time: January 2014

In the reinforcement materials, the selection of the Shanghai HORSE Construction carbon fiber cloth, carbon fiber glue, structural perfusion glue and anchorage glue.

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